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The Flat Fee Lawyer is owned by Walk Law Firm, PA, providing hourly and flat fee general counsel services to businesses and entrepreneurs

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About The Flat Fee Lawyer

Walk Law Firm recognizes that clients have long been frustrated by the inability of a law firm or attorney to provide a firm fee quote and agreement on legal services. Admittedly, not all legal services are suitable for a flat fee, but many, particularly basic business services, can be delivered on a flat-rate basis. We provide these legal services to our clients both virtually and through our more traditional law office. For those services that do not allow for a flat-fee billing rate, we will work with you to deliver a value-based fee solution to meet your needs at the best rate possible.

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Our Commitment to You

Our commitment to you is that once we agree to a price for specific services, we will not charge more for those services. Your commitment to us is that the services requested and your needs are fully described and discussed at the time we quote pricing.

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